Friday 28th August

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Fifty Shades publisher 'must set aside' $10m in royalties spat

A woman who helped publish the Fifty Shades series but was defrauded out of royalties could be set to receive millions of dollars in damages

Is Amazon Eating Itself Alive?

The New York Times investigation of Amazon's white collar workforce culture reveals that the company may be on the road to its own eventual demise

American dominance of Man Booker Prize longlist 'confirms worst fears'

The number of British contenders is halved to just three while American authors lead the field in the second year since the rules changed


Should Publishing Embrace Misfits And Outlaws?

Misfits and outlaws know how to survive and there are lessons to be learned from them

David Foster Wallace And 'Blurbspeak'

There's no getting around it: book blurbs are a much-maligned aspect of publishing culture

Seeing Stars: Writers Should Not Fear Online Reviews

Will social media and aggregated preferences sweep away book reviewing and literary culture?

Self-publishing Is Completely Corrupt

If a bestselling author can't make it self-publishing, can you as a first time writer? Likely not.

Feature Items

Mockingbird, Inc.

Harper Lee's juvenilia sprouts a literary industry

Murder Most Cosy

Why mystery novels involving quilts and cats are big business

How An Indian Publisher Brought Europe Home

Flight of the Seagull

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