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Press Release: Miscellaneous Announcements
Brand New App From Teach Yourself

Posted at 11:34AM Tuesday 18 Dec 2012

A complete language course on the go!

This week sees the launch of the first ever complete language course in an app, from the language learning brand trusted for over 70 years, Teach Yourself®. Spanish Course: Teach Yourself has over 50 hours of learning and covers the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Most apps just give you vocabulary and phrases – this app teaches the language with clear explanations and plenty of practice written by actual language teachers.

See our video here:

53 further apps will follow over the next twelve months as part of the brand's move to a fully digital language-learning solution. Teach Yourself, the world's leading language provider for the last 70 years, is already renowned for its print and audio courses and in the last year has carefully developed digital audio-only products, audio-enhanced ebooks, and now apps to make language learning accessible to everyone on every platform.

Written by language teachers and enhanced for learning on the go, the new Language Course apps feature a record-and-compare option, allowing learners to see how well their pronunciation is progressing by comparing themselves to a native speaker.

The app also has an invaluable free reference section which includes a Talking Dictionary, quick vocabulary practice exercises, verb lists and grammar explanations, along with a special guide on how to take your learning further.

Editorial Director for Languages, Sarah Cole, says "now there's no excuse not to learn a language – with our new language course apps, you can get the same kind of in-depth learning as you would in a classroom. The learning steps are laid out for you and all the support you need is embedded in the app. All you have to do is devote the time and swipe, tap, type, listen, speak, record and compare."


•Includes over 50 hours of learning which allows the learner to turn their free time into the equivalent of an entire evening course for a fraction of the cost.

•A range of interactive exercises from matching to listen-and-answer and fill-in-the-gap, keep learners entertained while they learn.

•Real-time tracking and a score board give learners instant feedback and help them progress quickly.

•Flexible purchasing - the first unit of every level is free and there are 3 purchasing options: buy each unit separately, all the units within a level, or the complete course at a special discount. On release there will be an offer price for a limited time.

•The apps cover level A1 Beginner and Advanced Beginner levels to B2 Lower Intermediate and Intermediate levels. Each level is carefully crafted to adhere to the language learning standards of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

•Available on iPhone, iPad and Android (to follow in 2-3 months).

•The only language app to have hand-in-hand print and ebooks so users can learn Spanish however and wherever they like.

•Record-and-compare lets learners listen to native speakers to improve their pronunciation.

•The free reference section, which includes a Talking Dictionary, supports the learner throughout the course.

Join the conversation at:

Facebook: /teachyourselflanguages

Twitter: @TYLanguages

You Tube: TYLanguages

Pinterest: Teach Yourself Languages

For further information please contact Laura Vile, email: or tel: 0207 053 6766.

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