Saturday 28th March

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When Science Meets Romance

Why do people assume that all romance novels are about airheads, shopping and sex?

Best-selling Author Paul Carter hopes to play his abusive father in forthcoming film

Paul Carter fled the shadow of his military father for life on oil rigs. Now a parent himself, his greatest fear is becoming like his dad – so why does he want to play him in the film of his memoirs?

Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street Has Gone Insane'

Why our brightest minds make the most dangerous bankers

Shaken Not Stirred: Epilepsy As Inspiration

A childhood brush with epilepsy inspired a character in Andrew Gretes' debut novel. It is a condition rarely explored in literature, though several celebrated novelists were sufferers.

Stunning Libraries From Around The World – In Pictures

New book celebrates the most innovative library buildings

Author Anders De La Motte: Facebook Is Fuelled By Narcissism And Desperation

Thriller writer and security expert Anders de la Motte says by sharing so much online we are giving away what the Stasi would have killed for

Judith Kerr And The Story Behind The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Behind the sweetness of works such as The Tiger Who Came To Tea lies a past set against the horror of Nazi Germany

Mike Tyson Interview: 'I've Had Self-loathing My Entire Life'

Mike Tyson was undisputed world heavyweight champion at 20 and in jail for rape six years later. Now he is trying to make a comeback, but not in the ring. Interview by Ian Gittins

Tracking Publisher-Amazon Relations in 'The Everything Store'

How the relationship between Amazon and publishers evolved

From Mossad Agent To Spy Novelist: Undercover Life Inspires Hit Thriller

As one of his fiction bestsellers makes UK debut, Mishka Ben-David reveals how a secret operation can go badly wrong

The Confessions Of Amanda Knox

I was reading Harry Potter and smoking marijuana on night Meredith Kercher was murdered

Christianity is not 'some freakish relic'

'Christian talk has let itself get sequestered on a kind of genteel reservation'

Wilbur Smith, Author – Portrait Of The Artist

'You only need to look at Fifty Shades of Grey to see I'm not the only person who likes raunch'

Audiobook Of The Year - Outtakes Released

Outtakes from the recording of The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year, narrated by Caroline Quentin have been released by W.F.Howes.

Burnt-out Publisher Embarks On Literary Pilgrimage

and recovers the sheer joy of texts

The Neuroscience Of Bob Dylan's Genius

How do we have insights, and where does inspiration come from?

The Real Way To Build A Social Network

If there is a guru of networking, it is Reid Hoffman

Steve Jobs Refused Cancer Treatment For Too Long, Says Biographer

Jobs deeply regretted putting off a decision that might have saved his life, according to his biographer Walter Isaacson

He Said, She Said: Jemima Khan On Appearing In Her Ex-husband's Memoir

What's it like to appear in someone's memoirs without your knowledge or approval?

Sarah Palin Alleged To Have Used Cocaine And Marijuana

but husband Todd slams 'disgusting' Joe McGinniss book

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling 'were at odds from the start'

Former chancellor faced interference from the then PM, who wished to play down the economic risk from the banking crisis

Movie Trailer: Drive

A redband restricted movie trailer for Drive has been released

Rebekah Brooks: The Queen Of Willful Blindness

The phone hacking scandal isn't the unfortunate byproduct of a few naughty freelancers

Writer Urges Internet Junkies To Switch Off And Think

IT is affecting the way people think and feel and even the physical make-up of their brains

Parenting Guru Bryan Caplan Prescribes Less Fuss – And More Fun

Economist Bryan Caplan argues that nurture counts for so little that parents can 'cut themselves a lot of slack'

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