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The Bestseller Effect

People start to read a book because other people are reading it.

Classified Information

Subject classification of books lies at the heart of discoverability

The 10 must-read German books of 2014

German books translated into English - not so easy to find

2014: The Year of 'Peak Freetard'?

2014 may come to be seen as the year in which the pendulum swung back, perhaps decisively, in the favour of the creators

The Everything Book: Reading In The Age Of Amazon

Amazon's success with Kindle has hinged on recognizing how much more they can be. So where does the company go from here?

Amazon Not As Unstoppable As It Might Appear

Amazon could itself become increasingly vulnerable to the threat of technological upheaval

Deepening Consumer Insights Takes Priority For Book Publishers In 2015

What big trends will disrupt the book industry in the future?

The 'Wild West' of Academic Publishing

The troubled present and promising future of scholarly communication

The Translation That Became A Most Unlikely Bestseller

Why Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose Is a Bestseller

Did Apple Fix Ebook Prices For The Greater Good?

For some e-books, Apple's entry has actually led to lower prices (Apple's lawyers say)

Reading The Tea Leaves – Literature's Best Brews

Celebrate international tea day with a round up of some of the finest beverages in books

Why I'm Boycotting Amazon

I have spent £4,000 on books alone

Handwriting Vs Typing

Is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

Books Vs. E-books

Teens' Print Preferences Make Publishing Industry's Future Hard To Predict

Statistically Speaking, Japan's Book Trade Is In Trouble

Over the last 15 years, the number of publishers, bookstores and revenue from book sales in Japan has been in significant decline

How Japan's Kinokuniya Innovates, Fosters Growth

Japanese bookseller Kinokuniya is looking to compensate for the problems it faces in the domestic market by boosting its international presence

Whisper It Quietly, The Book Is Back ...

... and here's the man leading the revival

Why Publishers Must Invest In Rights Departments

Sales revenues might have dropped but rights licensing revenue has no

Why Book Marketing (still) Starts And Ends With The Website

One thing that has remained consistent over the past decade and will remain so in the future is the importance of the publisher's website

How Publishers Can Create A Virtual Book Tour

Looking for ways to promote your books without leaving the office?

To Build A Fan Base, It Helps To Know What It's Like To Be A Fan

These days many publishers are aware that fans of their books are forming passionate communities

The New York Times Reveals Best Book Covers Of 2014

Design feels as relevant as ever

2014 In Review - Top 5 Inspirational Speeches From Writers

We look back over some of 2014's most inspirational speeches and interviews with leading authors from around the world.

Is your website up to date with the law?

If your business does so direct from a website, or if you are thinking of going D2C, you need to ensure that your site complies with consumer laws

From YouTube to e-books: novel ways to reach students

Making content accessible

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Amazon, Macmillan Make Peace Over Book Pricing

Barely a shot was fired

Experts Demand Urgent Overhaul Of England's Public Library Service

Report says libraries are at a crossroads and calls for national strategy and government investment in digital resources such as Wi-Fi

Abe Books Reveals The Most Expensive Used Books It Sold In 2014

And the winner is: Les Maîtres de L'Affiche

John Dos Passos Prize For Literature

2015 John Dos Passos Prize for Literature will go to Ruth Ozeki

Thalia Bookstores Are In Serious Trouble

Price tag was apparently too high for anyone to outright purchase the bookstore chain and is now off the market

Wal-Mart Looks To Step Up Competition With Amazon As It Considers Buying Nook

Wal-Mart wants to break up Amazon's monopoly on lucrative e-book sales by entering the e-book market

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