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Streaming Music Income Is Greater Than Downloads In 24 Territories

HowdleIt's just seven years since Spotify emerged as a geeky-sounding Swedish start-up. Now, streaming is taking over the music business

In Germany: Ebooks Less Than 10% Of Market, Tolino Grows

Developments in German ebook sales — which still command just a single-digit marketshare — and the Tolino ebook platform

The Agent/Author Relationship: The Push Me-Pull You of Publishing

So, what does the relationship look like from the inside?

Between E-books And Amazon, How Do Authors Get Paid?

How contemporary writers and publishers are – or aren't – getting paid.

You Can Design A Better Store Than Amazon

Amazon is big.

Why All Writers Are Vain

There is an inherent egotism in believing your voice matters – but that's no reason not to put pen to paper

Discoverability Isn't Nearly Enough

The How and Why of Inbound Book Marketing

The life-changing magic of organizing your book collection

"Storing books," "Unread Books," and "Books to keep"

Lithuania's Book Trade 'Impossible To Shoot Down'

Coterie of publishers are forging ahead through diversification

The Big Money Almost Always Goes To The Agented Author Whose Work Is Sold To A Big House

Alternative paths to publishing proliferate but the path for authors most likely to be lucrative is still the oldest one

Accounting For Authors, Publishing's Forgotten Customers

How much is an author worth to your business? Offers Subscriptions For Serialized Ebooks

Anna Jean Hughes and Jacob Cockcroft founded The Pigeonhole to "transform the way in which readers and writers interact with literature."

Teen Novelists: The Perils And Positives Of Publishing Early

If young writers can overcome the stare of the blank page they can stand as an inspiration to all

New Delhi World Book Fair Reaches One Million Consumers

One of Asia's key book fairs

Wolf Hall - The Economic Lessons

Five centuries may have passed but Cromwell's Tudor times offer some remarkable parallels with the economic plight of Britain today

Warwick Report exposes systematic divides in UK culture

The government and the cultural and creative industries need to take a united and coherent approach that guarantees equal access for everyone to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life

16 Literary Instagrams

'Hot Dudes Reading' takes on 'Cats Only Book Club'

Did Amazon Sink The Queen Of Online Erotica?

Lately things have gone a bit limp at Ellora's Cave

Openbooks: A Self-publishing Bookstore Where You Read First, Pay Later

With Poland's, readers can download and read self-published books for free and decide to pay for them only if they want

'Is Ofsted's War On Textbooks Over?'

By stealth, textbooks have largely been banished from state schools, despite their success in countries around the world

eBook DRM: Providing Protection or Preventing Profits?

DRM is designed to prevent customers from using digital technology beyond what a bookseller or mobile device manufacturer intended

Were the major publishers helpful in saving Waterstones?

James Daunt delivers Cantona-esque answer: 'No. They are fishermen'

Memorial Service For Simon Master

A memorial service for former Random House group deputy chairman Simon Master will take place on Friday 17th April

Publishers Bypass Literary Agents To Discover Bestseller Talent

Cutting out the middlemen of the literary world can lead to the discovery of acclaimed authors such as Andrea Bennett

Why Do People Relate To Fictional Characters?

True lies

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Us-bangladesh Blogger Avijit Roy Hacked To Death

Visiting Dhaka only to attend the book festival

The Little Prince Goes Big In Turkey

The expiration of copyright: Terrible anxiety or tremendous excitement

Harry Potter Secrets To Be Revealed By New Jk Rowling Bibliography

Recording the author's weariness with revisions, and hugger mugger meetings over manuscripts, new book collects 'definitive' behind-the-scenes stories

Pearson Forecasts Earnings Growth, Names Williams as CFO

Williams, who is currently chief financial officer of joint venture Penguin Random House, will replace Robin Freestone as of Aug.1

All Fiction Follows One Of Six Basic Storylines, According To New Research

What do the following novels have in common: Pride and Prejudice, Brideshead Revisited and Carry On Jeeves?

Divorcing A Real Witch Makes Diagram's 'Oddest Book Title Of The Year' Shortlist

Diana Rajchel's self-help book on pagan relationships competes with Nature's Nether Regions and Advanced Pavement Research for the annual non-fiction prize

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