Monday 15th September

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Time To Go D2C

​F+W Media's JameWfhy going direct to consumers is a good way forward for many independent publishers

Pretentious Book Snobs

There are those who threaten to destroy the magic and mystery of the book; the pretentious book snob

If Only Pageviews Were Dollars

I am the content provider—and I don't get paid!

UK's Oral Storytelling Renaissance Spans Clubs, Books

Curators of oral storytelling series in the UK discuss how the form is a reaction to our increasingly digital world — and how it intersects with publishing

India's Ebook Industry Shows Great Potential

The ebook industry in India is still an emerging market but feels like it's about to grow

When Is The Best Time To Publish Your Book?

Depends on the type of book

Five Things Authors Can Learn From User Experience (ux)

What do all successful book marketing campaigns have in common? They are all carefully targeted at specific groups of readers.

Publishers Gave Away 122,951,031 Books During World War Ii

And, in the process, they created a nation of readers

Boom ? Bust ? Literature In Translation !

Year in and year out Dalkey Archive is one of the leading publishers of literature in translation

Top 12 Authors' Beards

Celebrate the beauty of those author beards

The Emerging Cult Of Celebrity Authors Moving In On The Industry

Recently, there has been an explosion of A-List celebrities and YouTube megastars gaining their own book deals

Who On Earth Is Alfie Deyes?

His book is at number one in the Amazon charts, and his YouTube channel has over five million subscribers. So why haven't you heard of Alfie Deyes?

6 Steps To Overcoming Social Media Writer's Block, Part 2

If you're an author who currently avoids social media, don't be embarrassed

How To Pitch Your Book To A Journalist

To help you craft the perfect pitch, we've asked top journalists and book bloggers for their dos and don't on pitching your book to them.

The Literary Agency Week That Was

What a Typical Week Looks Like at One UK Literary Agency

The Best Mac Apps For Reading Ebooks

The Mac ebook software market doesn't start and stop with iBooks

Could Alibaba Be Bigger Than Amazon?

Could it overtake the existing tech giants?

Translation Prizes, Open For Submission

A reminder, especially to publishers, about submitting titles for two of the major fiction-translation prizes in the UK and US:

The Best Mixtapes In Fiction

Have you ever wanted to listen to a song mentioned in a novel?

Back To The Harry Potter Drawing Board

How Jonny Duddle re-imagined Harry Potter for a new generation

Publishing Venture Capital Style

or, how most publishers throw money at the wall to see what sticks

Malorie Blackman On Diversity In Children's Books

Laments the lack of diversity in children's books

The Arms Race In Journals Publishing Heats Up

One form that the sharp competition in journals publishing takes is spirited auctions for the rights to the publications of professional societies

Books Beat Burgers

Those snide European putdowns about America as a nation of cultureless junk-munchers might have to be retired

6 Steps To Overcoming Social Media Writer's Block

When it comes to promoting their brands via social media, many authors freeze up

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Prisoners Get Better Libraries Than Public, Says Tory

Tory MP says there are more books-per-head in prisons than public libraries

AKO Literatuurprijs Longlist

25-title strong longlist for the AKO Literatuurprijs, one of the leading Dutch literary prizes

Peter Carey Refused To Ghost Julian Assange's Memoir

'Two control freaks' should not collaborate

Pirated Kindle Books May Hijack Your Amazon Account

There is a new online threat that is targeting Kindle owners, that may hijack your entire Amazon account

Short-listed Titles For The Singapore Literature Prize Announced

The biennial Singapore Literature Prize, which returns with more categories and a bigger total prize money this year, has announced the shortlist of titles

Barnes & Noble Treads Water

Ahead of word about separating Nook Media, the retailer cuts loss on lower sales

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