Wednesday 23rd July

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Business Adventures By John Brookes: A Bible For Billionaires

America's two richest men share identical taste in literature

The Editor's Cut

Why publishers should embrace the film world's enthusiasm for releasing a director's cut

How The Folio Society Is Changing With The Times

Moving into retail, innovating in print, and continuing to seek out the best that writers have to offer

Is There Any Consistent Relationship Between A Book's Quality And Its Sales?

Raise Your Hand If You've Read Knausgaard

How To Be A Better Online Reader

Reading has changed profoundly: is the digital format to blame?

Next Big Book To Crunch Data, Produce Depressing Graphs

Stats for books

How I Became A Knausgaard Truther

Did companies in Norway institute so-called "Knausgaard-free days" where workers were not allowed to discuss his books? It's an urban legend, says American reporter

Cell Phone Book Clubs

A new way for libraries to promote literacy, technology, family and community

What's the meaning of 'chick-noir'?

The rise of the domestic thriller

Empowering Writers With Data

No easy answers

The Trouble With Writing In Second Person

You've sworn never to write a piece in Second Person

What Not To Do When Writing Jacket Copy

No aspect of the editor's professional life is as perilous, or ultimately doomed, as copywriting

A Typewriter Could Do What Opium Did For Coleridge

The Germans will find that typewriters are no more spy-proof than toasting forks, cut-throat razors or spats

Is Crime Writing Misogynistic?

Crime fiction might be dominated by violence against women – but there's more to it than titillation

Risk-free Publishing

When Everyone Can Bankroll Books

Marketing Art Books And Reaching Enthusiasts

Marketing museum and art books offers you an unique opportunity to tap into existing audiences who have already demonstrated an enthusiasm for your product

Ireland A Literary Atlas

It's Infographic time

The 50 Coolest Authors Of All Time

Writing a runaway literary hit is incredibly hard, and doing it with aching volumes of cool is nigh on impossible

Beachfront Libraries Are Pretty Much The Best Idea Ever

From Spain to Tel Aviv, pop-up mobile carts and elaborately designed structures are offering books to beachgoers to read for free

Social Media Marketing For Novelists

All About Relationship Building

50 Essential Cult Novels

You sort of know one when you see one

Thriving As E-content Prices Fall

Despite the grim outlook of declining prices there are still new business models to be invented

How To Get Ahead – Or At Least Stay Afloat – In The Rare Book Trade

Some instructive experience

What Is An Author Brand Strategy And Why Should I Have One?

A strong author brand can drive audiences to read your books, establish your name and generate more sales. We share advice on how to develop a successful strategy for your author brand.

Shelving To Save A Book's Life - Give Some 'Face Out' Love

So many worthy titles never get a chance to find an audience

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3 More J.d. Salinger Stories Published

Three previously uncollected short stories by J.D. Salinger have been published in a new book

Waterstones 'local' Bookstore Meets Opposition From Residents

Some residents say Waterstones Southwold hiding the fact that it's not independently owned

Royal Mail Share Price Falls As Amazon Parcel Rethink Hurts Revenue

Weaker parcels performance offset by surprise rise in letter traffic as shares in privatised postal service dip further in price

UK ISPs To Alert Customers Suspected Of Unlawfully Downloading Copyrighted Material

Suspected "pirates" will get told they've been spotted — but that's it

Dutch Publishers Unable To Shut Down Used Ebook Website

Trading of "used" software licenses is legal

Netflix Profits Double As New Users Order Orange Is The New Black

The number of Netflix subscribers passes 50m ahead of a push into Europe later this year

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