Friday 18th April

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We Are Drowning In Data About Readers And Attention, But Which Metrics Really Matter?

You won't like the answer

6 Independent Bookstores That Are Thriving — And How They Do It

Walk the line between indie and superstore

Ways To Publish And Sell Your Ebook

To publish an e-book can be challenging yet interesting. To sell an e-book is critical

In The Global Book Market, India And Brazil Remain Hot

India would seem to be the place to be if you are a publisher, according to figures revealed by Nielsen

The Underrated, Universal Appeal Of Science Fiction

Why do so many readers still look down on the genre of Orwell and Atwood?

Once Upon A Time There Was A Clever Bookseller Called Waterstones

Time to remind book readers about the unmistakably warm feeling of holding and reading a real book

20 Best British And Irish Novels Of All Time

From Ulysses to Wolf Hall

Shoes In Literature

These books are made for walking

How Writers Can Work With Games Developers

How writers can break into the lucrative and growing industry

Celebrity Autobiographies Are Bigger Business Than Ever

But there are still high-profile holdouts

Small Is Beautiful For Publishers

Changes in the world of literature have enabled two irish publishers to buck the trend and go back to grass roots

The Art Of Independent Publishing

The publisher of Graywolf on her rise from secretarial work at Faber to running a non-profit press

Hidden Reading Spaces Around London

The best, most peaceful spots for you and your book

The Translator As Agent

How translations reach the market

Hugh Howey Explains The Need For Authors To Give Away Their Books

Howey's point is that the only truly undervalued books are the ones that no one reads because they can't find them

Which Books Make You Feel Stupid?

Perhaps it's time for us all to own up to the books we're ashamed not to love

Better Read Than Dead: Why Books Will Endure

By adopting the methods of their online rivals, traditional publishers can ensure a bright future

Amazon Publishing: Authors Are Customers

Publishers have intensified their efforts to woo new authors and retain old ones

Why Do Publishers Want To Sell Direct?

What's wrong with the established channels of distribution?

How Do You Read 158 Books In 16 Weeks?

Well that's exactly what Helen Fraser had to do, in her role as chair of judges for this year's Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction

3 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Freelance Editor

How do you know which editor is right for you?

The Audio Self-publishing Revolution Beckons Entrepreneurial UK Authors

Why UK rights holders should consider joining in a "grand experiment," the Audiobook Creation Exchange

These Startups Are Disrupting The Publishing Industry

Seven digital publishing entrepreneurs gathered at the London Book Fair this week

13 Kickass Literary Power Couples

It's common to think of great writers as congenital loners

Will a 'Netflix for Books' Upend the Publishing Business — or Save It?

At least three different companies are duking it out for reader eyeballs and market share

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Samsung Galaxy Devices Will Get A Custom Kindle App

Users of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets can download a new Kindle app produced in partnership with Amazon

Shadow Culture Minister Plays Robin Hood Against Lincolnshire Library Cuts

Helen Goodman, UK Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, has joined Minnie Driver and others in the campaign in Lincolnshire against closure of two thirds of the county's libraries

E. L. Doctorow Wins Library Of Congress Award

The 2014 Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction has been awarded to E. L. Doctorow

Barnes & Noble Shares Drop After Riggio Cut His Stake

Barnes & Noble Chairman Leonard Riggio, the bookseller's founder and largest shareholder, cut his stake in the company to 20 percent by selling shares worth about $64 million

UK Publishers and Amazon: Keep Calm and Carry On

If you think publishers in the U.S. spend a lot of time and energy thinking about Amazon's influence in the ebook market, you should talk to some UK publishers

South Korea To Send Books North To Mark World Book Capital

South Korea hopes to send children's books to the North as part of Incheon's turn as UNESCO World Book Capital 2015

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