Monday 20th April

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Kindle Writeon Is Destined To Fail

Kindle Writeon is a barren wasteland

Everyone Is A Curator These Days

'Reading lists, outfits, even salads are curated – it's absurd'

The Civil War For Books

Where is the money going?

Amazon To Publishers: Set Your Own E-book Prices!

Amazon to Customers: Not Our Fault!

Female Writers Are Storming The Male Citadels Of Sci-fi

A generation of readers raised on Harry Potter has had a knock-on effect on demand for fantasy fiction, and left publishers scrambling to sign up women

Stamp duty: why does the UK commemorate so few writers?

Whether the authors are living or not, their characters will usually be shown rather than their faces

Does Agency Pricing Hurt Reading Consumers?

Agency model is good for authors and publishers but how about consumers?

The Vast Majority Of Businesses Still Don't Have A Clue When It Comes To Social Media

Here's the secret to having a great social media marketing program: You don't need to be on every platform

George RR Martin Says Right-Wing Lobby Has 'Broken' Hugo Awards

Novelist says that group orchestrating readers' votes for conservative 'swashbuckling fun' is trying to take ownership of the science fiction prizes

How Do Amazon-Publisher Disputes Affect Authors and Readers?

As if authors hadn't already found enough reason to self-publish

Amazon is a More 'Modest Beast' says UK Tech Expert

Amazon will be a more modest and less powerful beast than it once was

The Case For Libraries

When it comes to books, libraries and publishers should be in it together

The Hugo Wars

The Hugo Awards have not only been cynically and brutally gamed – they also have their "secret ballot" process exposed as a hollow sham

The Real Price Of A Strategy Shift

There is a real challenge for publishers and retailers of all sizes seeking to operate at scale in the digital marketplace

Thrillers Are Politically Conservative? That's Not Right

Jonathan Freedland begs to differ

Grammatical Rigidity Is Not The Sign Of A Professional Editor

When confronted with editorial rigidity, I shudder and think "there goes an unprofessional editor"

The 'future of libraries' and the black hole of 'Library Leadership'

The unprecedented and continual destruction of the public library service

Why Crime Fiction Is Leftwing And Thrillers Are Rightwing

With trust in politicians nonexistent, writers are being listened to as rarely before

The Ubiquitous Bookstore ... or how to 'beat' amazon

A new bookstore is going to have to bring its offerings to where people are rather than the other way around

Economic Nonsense: The Market Cannot Produce Art, Music, Literature & Museums

The arts have been funded by rich patrons through the ages

The Evolution Of Ebook Subscriptions

Will the book publishing industry simply settle for the basic ebook subscription model we see today?

Saudi Arabian Blogger Raif Badawi's Writings Go West

Yes, this book should be published

Business Of Editing: Does Market Perception Matter?

The Real Problem with Low Freelance Rates

Why Google+ Is Dying

Hardly the social media platform of anyone's preference

Little Black Classics Carry Penguin To New Heights

The success of Penguin's highly portable commute-sized gobbets says much about what modern readers want

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WH Smith cosies up to corner shops

Oh yes: A potential 16,000 more places to sell books!

French Woman Says 'Happy People Read And Drink Coffee'

Of course they do

What if 'Gone Girl' moved to Zurich...?

Hausfrau offers a coolly compelling portrait of an American adulteress who becomes addicted to infidelity

109 Authors Vie For 2015 Nigeria Prize For Literature

Prize rotates yearly among four literary categories of prose fiction, poetry, drama and children's literature

Stella Prize 2015: The Shortlisted Authors On The Stories Behind Their Books

From shining a light on family secrets to looking for a place to call home, the six writers nominated for Australia's all-female literary award reveal their inspiration

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