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Watership Down Without The Claws? You Shouldn't Have Bothered

The original was traumatic, but recycled, sanitised remakes of screen classics smack of too much fear

Copyright Chaos: Why Isn't Anne Frank's Diary Free Now?

EU's long and fragmented copyright terms are unfit for the digital world

Are Authors Really Losing Out in the Kindle Unlimited Pay-Per-Page Scam

Or Is It Amazon?

PRH HRD: Degrees are a lazy sifting tool

Penguin Random House this year joined a select group of employers to remove the requirement for a degree for new roles

Fair Author Contracts

Two lawyers weigh in on author contracts

Prince's Death Highlights The Importance Of Old Media

We should make it easier for consumers to have access to digital files when they purchase analog media

Read Between The Racism: The Serious Lack Of Diversity In Book Publishing

But no one is sure how to fix it

If Shakespeare Was Writing Today, He'd Be A Crime Writer

Peter James explains how the Bard's murderous, manipulative creations are his primary inspiration

Why publishers should give due credit to all book creators

Failing to credit all those involved in the creation of a book means sales opportunities are lost

From School Books To Publishing, Black Girls Deserve Better Representation

Why are there so few books for them?

Why I Chose An African Publisher Over A Western One

In my experience, African publishers are more savvy and look outside cliched representations of the continent's writers – we need more of them

Read Between The Racism

The Serious Lack of Diversity in Book Publishing

It's Time To Stand Up To Greedy Academic Publishers

The UK's higher education institutions spend more than £180m on journal subscriptions every year. We need to come together and create a better system

I'm A Professional Bookbinder. Amazon's New Kindle Won't Put Me Out Of Business

The design of books has been refined for thousands of years. It's still the optimal way to protect, and read, stories

The Publishing Industry Joins Hands... To Scam Writers

The industry loves to tell writers how valued they are, but I think they mean something different

Why Julian Fellowes's New App Belgravia Won't Start A Revolution

Julian Fellowes's Belgravia is an anxiously modern project

Chill. It's Not Books vs. Amazon. You Can Have Both!

Amazon is powerful, but physical bookstores are still here

Does The World Want A £270 E-Reader?

Why on Earth is Amazon launching another Kindle?

What's The Point Of The London Book Fair?

Publishing has become irrelevant

What Makes A Book 'Good'?

What gives a work lasting value?

What Big Publishing Still Does Well

I don't want big publishing to go away because when they do their jobs well, big publishers do their jobs very well

What To Expect From A Ghostwriter

Author and editor, Bryony Sutherland explains how best to work with a ghostwriter.

I Have Autism And The Lack Of Authentic Autistic Voices In Books Angers Me

Let's look to a future with more autistic writers and characters!

Reading A Book Is Best For Empathy

Survey: half of parents think reading a book is the best way to develop empathy

Why Publishers Should A/B Test Book Covers

Never judge a book by its cover. So the saying goes, yet consumers do it all the time

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Australians Are Paying Too Much For Books

Import restrictions should be lifted, a new government report has said

Nikki Griffiths is new MD of Melville House U.K.

Griffiths, who will be based in the company's London headquarters, was previously head of publishing at Hesperus Press

Diversity Celebrated At 2016 Edgar Awards

Walter Mosley is first African-American Grand Master

Oscar's First Book Prize

The judges have whittled down the 60 entries to a short list of five

Please welcome the ISNI

The ISNI identifies people, not products

Harlequin Shutters Blaze Imprint

Shifts some North American distribution online

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