Tuesday 24th May

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Richard Flanagan: Malcolm Turnbull Wants To Destroy Australian Literature

Be under no illusion

Is Curation A Cure Or Culprit?

Michael Bhaskar on 'Super-Abundance'

E-books Continue To Be A Source Of Bitter Controversy

E-books are game-changers, but not in the way we all thought they would be

An Abridged Da Vinci Code Implies Teens Need Simple Books – They Don't

Penguin's plan seems both pointless and patronising

The True Cost Of Bargain Books

A Penny for Your Thoughts

The Da Vinci Code Rewritten For YA Readers? Please Spare Them

Is it possible to dumb down Dan Brown's blockbuster?

When Online Book Culture Was Run Mostly By Enthusiasts And Amateurs

The books community that Bookslut joined was driven by enthusiasm not clicks, goodwill and not money – and that culture has gone

The British Book Industry Awards: All Must Have Prizes

A long night of applauding and guzzling – and prizes for everyone

Print Books Are Back

The e-book novelty has worn off

Why Distributors Are Book Publishing's New Gatekeepers

The argument for gatekeepers is that they set a high bar

Egyptian Writer Ahmed Naji's Crime Isn't What He Wrote – It Is That He Is Alive

Today, Naji is on day 86 of a two-year prison sentence

Kindles Vs. The Elderly

Kindles lack all-bold capability—needed by so many older users

Poetry Is A Perfect Form To Challenge Human Rights Abuses

The poetry of witness has long compensated for censored or corrupted news media

Amazon's Kindle Oasis May Be The Best E-Reader Ever...

... but here's how it could have been better

Flooding Australia With Imported Books Would Be An Assault On Our Literary Culture

A broadside against copyright

Colouring Books For Adults Prove How Infantile We've Become

Our culture no longer offers any models of adulthood that are remotely appealing

HarperCollins inexplicably turns to Bookshout to offer ebook downloads

About as appealing as reading ebooks on an Etch-a-Sketch

When Authors' Prejudices Ruin Their Books

Where do you draw the line when you return to tainted classics?

Without XML You're Leaving Money On The Table

XML can help publishers evade digital disruptions before it's too late

The Looming Threat To The Australian Book Industry

Bad for authors, publishers ... but mostly bad for you

It's Time To Breath New Life Into The Literary Lecture

Bring out the Great Gatsby gin and jazz

Watership Down Without The Claws? You Shouldn't Have Bothered

The original was traumatic, but recycled, sanitised remakes of screen classics smack of too much fear

Copyright Chaos: Why Isn't Anne Frank's Diary Free Now?

EU's long and fragmented copyright terms are unfit for the digital world

Are Authors Really Losing Out in the Kindle Unlimited Pay-Per-Page Scam

Or Is It Amazon?

PRH HRD: Degrees are a lazy sifting tool

Penguin Random House this year joined a select group of employers to remove the requirement for a degree for new roles

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Australia Government Kills Off The Copyright Changes That Were Freaking Out Authors

The idea had alarmed Australian writers who feared they'd lose copyright control during their lifetime

Peter Pomerantsev Wins 2016 Ondaatje Prize

"An exuberant exposure of greed and corruption in modern Russia"

Gillian Anderson Throws Hat Into The Ring To Be Next 007

It's Bond, Jane Bond

Family of Swallows and Amazons Titty 'furious' as BBC film changes her to Tatty

Titty would be "turning in her grave"

Judges Announced For The 2016 Baillie Gifford Prize For Non-fiction

Leading economist Stephanie Flanders, chair of judges, is joined by Philip Ball, Jonathan Derbyshire, Dr Sophie Ratcliffe and Rohan Silva

Council Closed Libraries To Cut Costs, Then Spent More To Guard Them

Security at closed libraries in Lambeth, south London, cost up to three times as much as the price of keeping them open

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