Saturday 28th March

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Barnes & Noble's New Bags Are A Small, Beautiful, Very Small Step In The Right Direction

The new bags are explicitly designed to target Amazon's hegemony

Why I Quit Goodreads

or, The Bookternet Is Not Safe for Women

It Appears That Greater Corporate And Commercial Sponsorship Of Libraries Is Here For The Forseeable Future

Damned if we do...

Insane British Law Criminalizes Copyright Breaches For Artists, Museums, Publishers

Have you been following the increasingly alarming changes to copyright provisions?

The Best Eight Young Adult Books – And Why Grownups Should Read Them, Too

YA fiction has become a fixture at the top of the bestseller lists

No Author Website Rules Of The Road In Publishing Contracts Is A Big Fail For The Industry

Publisher policies are all over the place

We Are No Longer Supporting Any Kind Of Unpaid Work Experience no longer endorse any unpaid work, unpaid work experience placements or unpaid internships

Asking Whether Amazon Is Friend Or Foe Is A Simple Question That Is Complicated To Answer

For the foreseeable future — years to come — Amazon will remain dominant in most of the world as the central location where one shops online for books

Is it really not OK to read books by straight white men?

A growing online campaign aims to stop people reading books by white male authors

Why Great Novels Don't Get Noticed Now

Amazon doesn't champion anything; Waterstones buys very little upfront and only gets behind a book once it has already shown signs of life

Publishers Need to Fully Monetize (and Protect) Their IP

The hazards of not knowing what rights you have

Digital Book Pricing And The Revenge Of Traditional Publishers

So what's going on here? Is there any rhyme or reason, or is it just every author or publisher for themselves and whatever a reader is willing to pay is what they will pay?

Forget Bridget Jones, Divorce Comedy Is The New Romantic Fiction

Stories of unconventional families and romance in older age are likely to become more common

Why Planet Earth Needs A New Self-help Book For The Digital Age

Massage received: From McLuhan to the digital age

Algorithms: Just A Bunch Of Marketing Bullshit

The cult that has been built up around algorithms

On Festivals And Fees

Most festivals tend to get away with either not paying authors at all, or simply accepting to cover their travel and hotel expenses

Why Print Still Matters

Print books are doing just fine

Why Six Figure Advances Will Destroy The Publishing Industry

What is the logic behind big advances for debut novels?

Why Did They Kill The Slush Pile?

Is not discovering new talent the most exciting part of the job?

The Most Self-serving Words In Publishing

'New Afterword by the Author'

Indie Authors Are To Blame For Lack Of Meaningful E-book Data

All because the average self-published title does not have an ISBN number

'We're All Exploited Here': On Paying Writers And Editors

Even writers often get more than editors

The Case For Copyright Reform

Those people eagerly advocating reform of copyright need to raise their game in terms of getting evidence to back up their opinions

Phone Books

Red telephone boxes make perfect libraries - 'elf and safety concerns be damned

Publishing's Pronounced Tendency To Look Inward

at a time when I believe it desperately needs to look outward

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Russell Brand Donates Revolution Book Profits To New Era Cafe

Comedian turned activist opens social enterprise that will employ recovering drug addicts on east London housing estate that fought off evictions

2015 Times/ Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition Winner

Laurel Remington wins with The Secret Cooking Club For Girls

Survey Says Median Author Advance In UK Under £6,600

But larger publishers pay around £13,000

Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2015 Shortlists Announced

The shortlist of ten adult titles and twelve titles in both the children's categories will be judged by two separate judging panels comprising authors, booksellers and journalists

Diagram Prize: Strangers Have The Best Candy Wins Odd Title Award

Winner from seven-strong shortlist receives a "passable bottle of claret"

Hohenemser Literaturpreis Winner

€10,000 prize will go to Que Du Luu for 'Das Fest des ersten Morgens'

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