Sunday 26th June

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Philip Pullman On The 1,000 Causes Of Brexit

This catastrophe has had a thousand causes. Here are some

The Apps That Turn Books Into 15-minute Reads

Condensed, or just dense?

Bookselling In Its Oldness Is Part Of The New

The printed book remains a significantly more developed piece of technology than the e-book

We Will Pay The Price For Making Books Cheaper

Why do people gripe about the price of a book?

Caitlin Moran: 'social media is like a baby screaming and throwing tantrums'

Writer and Times columnist says Twitter needs to 'grow up' and tackle abuse against women

The Books World Is A Massive Diversity Fail – Here's How We Change It

Diverse books would / should just be books

Today's Most Successful Authors Are Content Machines

How to Become a Content Machine and Why Your Success Depends on It

If You Were Amazon, Would You Open Stores In Dying American Malls?

Why would Amazon want to go where Waldenbooks and Borders once were?

Publishers can challenge Google and Facebook if they form a network

Media organisations need to embrace their rivals to protect themselves as online ad spend is rapidly funnelled into the tech giants' coffers

Zoella's Book Club: Cute, Glittery – But All A Bit Vanilla

Shame her choices are almost all of the boy-meets-girl variety

Where have all the men gone in publishing?

My guess (and it is a guess) is that a bigger paycheck in other industries has, over time, lured men away from publishing

My Advice To Publishers: Question Everything

Self-questioning is a key trait in any form of creativity, but as a creative industry it is remarkable that we do so little of it

You May Soon Binge Books Just Like You Binge Netflix

Farrar Straus and Giroux believes the TV model can lend momentum to a book series

Why Can't Apple And Google Sell More Ebooks?

Could it be that neither Apple nor Google really care about books?

Amazon, Ebooks And The Lack Of Innovation

What happened to the exciting digital future of ebooks?

Amazon Isn't Beating Other Retailers

They are beating themselves

Is It Time Harry Potter Was Laid To Rest?

Is the franchise being pushed too far?

Read it and keep: is it time to reassess the 'beach read'?

The best summer reads have always been much more than a passing holiday romance

Amazon And Goodreads Are Killing E-book Discovery

Discovery sites are being negatively impacted by the millions of dollars Amazon has pumped into GoodReads

Why Isn't The Publishing Industry Trying As Hard As The Cable Industry?

Why isn't there a cheap non-Kindle they'll practically give me if only I buy a certain number of books?

Why The Next Generation Of Publishers Shouldn't Come From London

The Future is Northern

Indie Authors Are Responsible for the US eBook Decline

It is far easier to discover a great book in a bookstore, than try and find one online

Why Unpaid Interships Are A Raw Deal For Everyone

A graduate student in publishing makes a case against unpaid internships

What Are Writers Worth?

Books' Prices and Writing's Value: Careful What We Asked For?

Can Literary Festivals Pay Their Way?

With authors demanding payment and overheads tight, organisers are under increasing pressure

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Carolin Emcke To Receive The 2016 Peace Prize Of The German Book Trade

The Peace Prize has been awarded since 1950 and is endowed with a sum of €25,000

JK Rowling: Scottish independence was now inevitable

JK Rowling among the No voters thinking again following Brexit against Scotland's will

Jonathan Coe wins 'bittersweet' honour from France as UK turns back on Europe

Author describes mixed feelings after being declared Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters, in a week when the UK voted to leave the EU

Booze & Noble

How about some beer or wine or a nice dinner after browsing Barnes & Noble's aisles

WH Smith to follow Waterstones' lead and return to Wimbledon town centre

The new WH Smith will open in Centre Court shopping centre in late summer

2016 Recipients Of The $10,000 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

The three winners of the second-annual Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, which highlights Canadian authors with a debut book published in 2015, have been announced in Toronto

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