Friday 19th December

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People Are Searching For Products On Amazon, Rather Than Using Google

Says a former Googler: "I think 2015 is going to be disastrous."

Literary Success: What Is It, And How Do You Define It?

If your aim is financial success from writing, you're in the wrong game

What Is The Point Of Academic Books?

Ultimately, they're meant to disseminate knowledge. But their narrow appeal makes them expensive to produce and harder to sell

Apple's Appeal: Hey, Did Anyone In The Government Notice That Amazon Owned 90% Of The Ebook Market?

Will Amazon's dominance in the ebook market actually change the judges' minds?

Why do people feel duped by YouTube blogger Zoella's book?

Why, in a world that focuses on the individual, some of Zoella's fans felt duped by their idol

Bringing Instincts Back To Book Acquisitions

ebooks offer large publishers a great way to rebalance how they operate back towards the hunch method

Penguin Caught Out Cheating Readers On Zoella Book Launch?

Seems like those who get inflated by social media will eventually be exploded by it.

How Peter Jackson Ruined The Hobbit

The films have lost sight of the depth and richness that made JRR Tolkein's The Hobbit work, says Robbie Collin

Shitty Stuff Has Always Outsold The Highbrow

Intellectuals always worry about the decline of literary culture

Why I'm Boycotting Amazon

Laura Freeman began looking through her previous Amazon orders

If Ebooks are Software, It's Time for Version 2.0

Time to upgrade ebooks to a higher quality

Kindle Needs A 'Subscribe To Author' Button

Amazon should kill or reduce Kindle Unlimited and instead allow subscriptions

If We're Not Careful, Literacy Will Become A Historical Blip

Technology could make the ability to decode text irrelevant - but could also save it

Zoella's Mega-seller Represents The Future Of Youth Publishing

Will Girl Online continue to prosper once people actually start to read it?

Why The Welsh Publishing Industry's Never Had It So Good

Lleucu Siencyn, chief executive of Literature Wales reveals why the our publishing industry is thriving

Do Good Characters Inevitably Make For Bad Fiction?

It's quite the moral test for an author to turn virtuous lives into compelling stories, and some of the greatest authors have failed it

Why We Should Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Zoella

She dispenses vapid tips to teenage girls online, but so what? Teenagers are entitled to their private cultural spaces

Author Discontent Grows As Kindle Unlimited Enters Its Fifth Month

Kindle Unlimited has not been a good thing for authors

Break Up Google?

'The European Parliament has not yet grasped that Google is more important for the people than Europe'

'Books Or Tablets? There's No Contest'

It's sad when you see a child with an iPad

You Can Bury Your Nose In A Book, But Not In An iPad

As our children get ever more wired in this digital age, disconnecting will be the ever greater challenge. And for that, it's a book, not an iPad, that's needed

'Being Homeless Is Better Than Working For Amazon'

Nichole Gracely has a master's degree and was one of Amazon's best order pickers. Now, after protesting the company, she's homeless

Why Publishing Should Not Fear The Cynics

Publishers' historic mission as welcoming gate-opener is being rewritten by some as that of the sullen gatekeeper.

African Books For Western Eyes

Only telling the stories that foreigners allow them to tell.

Independent Publishing As The Source Of Bibliodiversity

Independent publishing is the source of cultural diversity, bringing bibliodiversity to confront megapublishing and bookselling

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Amazon, Macmillan Make Peace Over Book Pricing

Barely a shot was fired

Experts Demand Urgent Overhaul Of England's Public Library Service

Report says libraries are at a crossroads and calls for national strategy and government investment in digital resources such as Wi-Fi

Abe Books Reveals The Most Expensive Used Books It Sold In 2014

And the winner is: Les Maîtres de L'Affiche

John Dos Passos Prize For Literature

2015 John Dos Passos Prize for Literature will go to Ruth Ozeki

Thalia Bookstores Are In Serious Trouble

Price tag was apparently too high for anyone to outright purchase the bookstore chain and is now off the market

Wal-Mart Looks To Step Up Competition With Amazon As It Considers Buying Nook

Wal-Mart wants to break up Amazon's monopoly on lucrative e-book sales by entering the e-book market

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