Friday 6th March

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Algorithms: Just A Bunch Of Marketing Bullshit

The cult that has been built up around algorithms

On Festivals And Fees

Most festivals tend to get away with either not paying authors at all, or simply accepting to cover their travel and hotel expenses

Why Print Still Matters

Print books are doing just fine

Why Six Figure Advances Will Destroy The Publishing Industry

What is the logic behind big advances for debut novels?

Why Did They Kill The Slush Pile?

Is not discovering new talent the most exciting part of the job?

The Most Self-serving Words In Publishing

'New Afterword by the Author'

Indie Authors Are To Blame For Lack Of Meaningful E-book Data

All because the average self-published title does not have an ISBN number

'We're All Exploited Here': On Paying Writers And Editors

Even writers often get more than editors

The Case For Copyright Reform

Those people eagerly advocating reform of copyright need to raise their game in terms of getting evidence to back up their opinions

Phone Books

Red telephone boxes make perfect libraries - 'elf and safety concerns be damned

Publishing's Pronounced Tendency To Look Inward

at a time when I believe it desperately needs to look outward

Whither Foyles?

Too much tradition, too little bookselling

Why The Pricing Of Ebooks Is Going To Change

The publishing industry lags way behind the music industry

One Of The Golden Rules Of Publishing Is Don't Piss Off Your Publicist

Insinuate she's not doing a good job and you run the risk of tainting your relationship

Google And Blogs: 'Shit.'

Everyone's spending increasingly more consumption time dicking around in apps and snacking on bite-sized social content

Yes, The Success Of The 'American Sniper' Enhanced Edition Is A One-off

It's all down to price

When did the comic-book universe become so banal?

Graphic novelists need to go back to the sketchpad and become artists again

Why Writers Need To Know The Publishing Business

Writers should understand each stage of the process

The Book World's Obsession With Labels And Identity

Don't judge a book by its author

Where Libraries Are Sited Is As Important As What They Do

Libraries need to do more than simply offer access to books and other information and material Explains Why Novellas Are The Future Of Publishing

Why shorter is better for e-books

Why Publishers Are Obligated To Make Content Available Globally

Many can put ebooks up for sale in countries from Algeria to Azerbaijan

Why Fan Fiction Is The Future Of Publishing

How Fifty Shades of Grey took #FanFic from literary backwater to publishing powerhouse

Publishers Must Capitalize On Data-Driven Content Recommendation

A terrific opportunity for book publishers

Mockingbird's Sequel Is A Golden Egg For A Desperate Publishing Industry

Book publishing is in a tailspin these days. It could use a rescuer arriving with a surefire hit in her arms

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ABCD Book Cover Award Winners

The Academy of British Cover Design has announced the 2015 Book Cover Award Winners

Nook tightens DRM

B&N Nook e-Books Now Totally Dependent on Apps

Amazon Hits Back At Union Claims It Is 'Bypassing The Law'

GMB union claims the retail giant is getting around redundancy rules

Amazon Opens Store Inside Alibaba's Tmall In China

If you can't beat them, join them

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