Sunday 29th November

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Who Cares About Format?

Just Read

Amazon Books Should Be The Future Of Brick-and-Mortar Retail Chains

Seriously, why aren't there more retails stores like Amazon's book store experiment?

Literature vs genre is a battle where both sides lose

Intellectuals are reliably penniless, and fancy reading habits don't make you cool any longer

Trapped at a Moby-Dick Marathon

Sitting Through 12 Straight Hours of Melville's Tortuous Classic

Let's encourage Binge-Reading

Forget Binge-Watching

Does Anne Frank Copyright Extension Rewrite History?

The foundation that holds the copyright on The Diaries of a Young Girl by Anne Frank plans to extend it by adding her father as "co-author"

End the Discount Double-Cross

Publishers routinely use contract provisions to slash authors' royalties to mere pennies per copy sold

Academic Print Books Are Dying

What's the Future?

There's Nothing Wrong With Plugging A Friend's Book

knowing an author is a positive advantage when it comes to book reviewing

Data Encryption, Cryptography Are Keys To The Future Of The Book

The future of the book industry lies in a combination of data compression technology and cryptography

Writers Shouldn't Romanticize Rejection

In the literary world, talent isn't hiding. It's being ignored

Amazon's Retail Store Has Nothing To Do With Selling Books

but everything to do with data

Who Cares How You Read? Just Read.

Publish good books, find your readers, repeat

Ian Fleming: Pussy Galore Was A Lesbian... And Bond Cured Her

In a letter to be auctioned this month, the 007 author writes that Goldfinger's lesbian love interest only needed 'the right man'

Middlebrow? What's So Shameful About Writing A Book And Hoping It Sells?

Without the commercial imperative, there would be no Michelangelo, Mozart, Shakespeare or Dickens

Academic Publishing Can't Remain Such A Great Business

Publishers of academic journals have a great thing going

Amazon Proves Software Isn't Taking Over

Book market has proved less one-dimensional than publishers and sellers feared

Why Publishers Should Embrace The Evolution Of 'Fair Use'

Life seemed much easier in the brick-and-mortar days

Edtech's Next Big Disruption Is The College Degree

The degree's days alone at the top are most definitely numbered

Why Publishers Should Embrace the Evolution of 'Fair Use'

Publishers, wake up and realize that the largest search engine on the planet offers a powerful way for your content to be discovered and purchased

Can Curation Help Libraries Break Out Of Frontlist Dependency?

Why must library patrons wait for weeks to read the latest bestsellers when there are so many more great books to discover?

Barnes & Noble's Nook Is Fighting A Losing Battle Against Amazon

The day for e-readers has passed for every company not named Amazon

Why Great Novels Don't Get Noticed Now

People like easy-peasy books that slip down without any trouble

The Future's In The Digital Detail

Publishers' accounting statements for authors need to itemise digital sales as explicitly as they do print book sales

Never Quote A Rock Lyric In A Book

unless you're rich

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Guardian Best Books Of 2015 – Part One

Compelling fiction, a game-changing biography and a 900-page whopper for food nerds

Oneiron, By Laura Lindstedt, Wins Finlandia Prize

But author Lindstedt slams government after Finlandia win

The Little Prince Soars In A New Movie Trailer

Movie adaptation originally came out in France back in July 2015

J.K. Rowling Fuels a Twitter Debate on Severus Snape

JK Rowling reveals why Harry Potter named his son after Snape

National Library Of Luxembourg Has 72,000 E-books

One of the largest digital collections in Europe

New York Times Notable Books Of 2015

The year's notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review

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