Wednesday 14th October

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The First Great Works Of Digital Literature Are Already Being Written

Video games could be the greatest storytelling medium of our age

At Frankfurt, It's Time For The Superheroes Of Publishing To Rise

Vapid inspirational platitudes?

3 Reasons Amazon Is Losing The Plot In India

Got stalled when it came to Asia

Why The End Of Editors In Digital Publishing Is A Mistake

Editors: an endangered species?

Publishing's Evolution Means You Need To Be Everywhere, Always

You need to make your books easily available and discoverable everywhere, always...but how?

5 Things We Learned From The Demise Of Oyster Books

The news from Oyster Books was disappointing but hardly surprising

Was There No One To Stop Morrissey Publishing List Of The Lost?

What, you may be wondering, is the emperor wearing?

Is There A Future In Unlimited Audiobook Subscriptions?

Or is it just a flash in the pan?

As Book Purchasing Behaviour Changes, So Must Publishers' Sales Metrics

Define and understand the purchase cycle

Why Self-published Book Covers Are Better Than You Think

There's a tendency to think of self-published books as a bit of a joke

Is The Amazon Kindle Ruining America?

Thanks to the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers, books aren't worth much anymore

Everyone Has A Book In Them, But Not All Are Worth Reading

Why is it that actors, models and musicians always eventually try their hand at being writers - but never the other way round?

Why Are Men So Bad At Writing Sex Scenes?

After Morrissey's debut novel is mauled for its laughable love scenes, Joel Snape asks: why do so many male writers get sex so wrong?

No, E-book Sales Are Not Falling, Despite What Publishers Say

Recent reports that e-books sales are falling don't tell the whole story

Here's Why Amazon Will Continue To Gain Market Share

Amazon will continue to win on product selection, prices, and customer experience

Bookmate CEO Says 'Publishers Killed Oyster'

"There was never much interest in seeing it succeed..."

You're Never Too Old To Read Young Adult Fiction

80% of them are enjoyed by older readers

Publishers Killed Oyster

Bookmate CEO says 'there was never much interest in seeing it succeed'

Google's grab of Oyster suggests ebooks, like news, are becoming content read on big platforms

Another case of platform power edging out an independent startup

40 Tips To Make It In The Book Business

Getting along in the book industry

Big Ideas & Uncovering The Truisms Of Publishing

Twitter Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn Google + Google+ Email Email 0 Comments The creative minds of publishing share their ideas for reinventing the industry from within and finding inspiration from without

Are publishers really 'hoodwinking' academics?

'Anonymous academic' says researchers are being tricked by dubious publishing practices – but the experts aren't so sure

What Independent Booksellers Do Isn't Easy

They face frequently overwhelming odds and strains, long days and recurring doubts . . . sob

Agatha Christie: Genius Or Hack?

Crime writers pass judgment and pick favourites

Booker Prize's Prickly, Subversive Shortlist Is The Best For Years

Implicitly challenges the idea that reading a novel should be a comfortable and relaxing experience

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Amazon Commits $10m Over The Next 5 Years To Help Translate Books Into English

Company is also launching a new portal

Bobby Brown Working On 'Unvarnished' Memoir

Book is scheduled to be released in June

Waterstones Sales Up 5% After 'better Vintage' Releases On Super Thursday

Sales were driven by the release of the Bill Bryson's The Road to Little Dribbling

Facebook Takes Aim At Amazon With New Shopping System

Shop directly through its app

Frankfurt Book Fair Opens In Controversy As Rushdie Sparks Iran Boycott

Organisers of the fair defend choice, saying freedom of expression was a key theme

Not The Booker Prize 2015: Kirstin Innes Wins With Fishnet

Three months of literary debate and high-jinks

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