Tuesday 25th November

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Why Copyright Needs To Be Defended

Do we really want to let technology, let alone Internet companies, dictate our concept of individual rights?

Losing Our Passion For Bookselling?

Peter Newsom laments the decline of booksellers - a worldwide phenomenon

Penguin Random House Does Its Competitors A Favour By Walking Away From Subscription

Subscription is here as a tool to sell ebooks that any publisher totally ignores at its peril

Here's Why Jeff Bezos Should Split Amazon In Two

Course he probably won't

The Problem With Literary Agents

My Book Is Not About Vampires or Childhood Trauma. I'm Doomed

Digital Rights Management: It's Not As If Wanting To Read Books Is A Crime

You don't have to be an internet pirate to think that certain publishers' DRM provisions verge on the overzealous

Make A Noise About Libraries But, Please, Keep Quiet Afterwards

Libraries shouldn't have to become multi-platform, nor should they have to jump through hoops to show us their worth

Should You Hire A Professional Book Publicist?

There is not right or wrong answer to this question ... Of course

Booksellers Edgy About Harper Direct-sale Program

Move has caused concern among some booksellers, who are worried about added competition

Just Say No To Robot Booksellers

"Bookstore clerks" might be robot-replaceable, but not great indie booksellers

Hachette Blew Its Chance To Make Amazon Truly Pay For Its Bad Practices

The result of this particular battle isn't necessarily as positive for publishers as Hachette is making it out to be.

Indian Literature Must Look Beyond English To Go Global

As good as the best in the world - only, most of it is not in English

What If Novels Were Treated Like Business Books?

And had subtitles like business books do?

Forget the Book Launch

Why ebook marketing is increasingly about the long-game and relies less on a traditional book launch

Publishing's Complicated Relationship With Technology

The rapidity of the change from a print to digital culture is potentially deleterious to readers, writers, and the next generation coming after them

Cory Doctorow: Information Doesn't Want To Be Free

Digital locks turn paying customers into pirates

My super cynical Simon & Schuster/Amazon contract theory

Amazon is turning Hachette into a gazelle

News Corp Results Show How 'Badly' Those Poor Disrupted Publishers Are Hurting

Delivers quarterly results well above expectations,

Don't Blame The Readers For Lack Of Interest In Translations

The fault is institutional

Why Publishers And Ebook Platforms Should Take A Page Out Of Spotify's Book

The explosive growth of Spotify is an example of what happens when an industry gets behind a new technology and business model

How To Convert Indirect Customers Into Direct Customers

It's never been easier, or more important, for publishers to diversify their channel strategy

Amazon's F-you To Indie Authors

The latest victim of Amazon's practices: individual publishers and authors

Do Negative Reviews Have A Right To Be Forgotten By Google?

Classical pianist Dejan Lazic's attempt to have a 'mean-spirited' review scrubbed from Google is misguided madness that could have dire consequences for us all

Why we need an e-book DRM DMCA exemption

If the Big Five publishers knew what they were doing, they would be submitting and throwing their weight behind a petition to permit consumers to crack e-book DRM for purposes of archival and platform interoperability

Readers Being 'Spread Too Thin?'

Blame the ebook

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Readers Prefer Authors Of Their Own Sex, Survey Finds

Goodreads analysis shows an overwhelming proportion of books read, by both sexes, were written by authors of the same gender

Writer Sends Lamb Chop Into Space To Promote His Book

A writer and a graphic artist decide to send a lamb chop into space and spend five months recovering the footage

Minecraft Youtube Videos Have Been Watched 47bn Times

And the vast majority of those views were of clips made by fans and the growing wave of Minecraft YouTubers

Amazon To Deliver To Customers Via Local Post Offices

Internet retailing giant Amazon and Royal Mail have joined forces to have customers' items delivered to post offices for collection

Archive Of Colombian Literary Great Gabriel García Márquez Goes To Texas

Harry Ransom Center at University of Texas wins celebrated author's papers

Eimear McBride Adds Geoffrey Faber Prize To Honours Haul

A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing's 'linguistic daring' secures prestigious award previously won by authors including JM Coetzee and Seamus Heaney

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